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Talent Marketing Management 

As Personal Talent and Business Managers, our job is to guide and advise talent on their careers. We act as liaison between their agents, other professionals in the entertainment industry and the general public. We give guidance on business matters, help to make a career plan that keeps all of our talent moving forward on a path to success.

We give very specific guidance on every step you, as our client, makes in the entertainment industry. Your career is always top of mine with us. It is true that as a talent's fame and career grows, most cannot juggle the demands, interviews, business affairs and appearances--that is where we come in to help manage careers. We are more or less the quarterback of the team (actor, manager, agents and general public). We help set a direction, tell our clients what they need to do to compete -- and give them the bad news in terms of what they cannot do. Overall, we give guidance and help talent in a myriad of ways including that we help:

  • build relationships with casting directors and agents.
  • design a career plan.
  • understand contracts, compensation, billing practices. 
  • build their resumes, headshots and demo reels.
  • coordinate schedules and speak on their behalf.
  • locate and decide upon various coaches. 
  • chose the right photographers.
  • determine where they are most marketable.
  • navigate through and give guidance on business matters 
  • with their production companies and setting them up.
  • co-producing.
  • with accurate listing on professional websites.
  • with ascertaining memberships in professional organizations are current.
  • with problems they may encounter (even on set or on a job)
  • with individualized care, image and emotional support

If you are looking for a "hands-on" manager who cares about you and your career, and we have decided to accept you as a client; we promise to manage your career with integrity, respect and wisdom. 

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