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Gloria D. Daniels is highly sought after and guides audiences through a journey which brilliantly and unexpectedly unfolds. She tells it like it is.  She walks her talk. It is evident as she enters the room. As a speaker, she brings her front-line experience and infectious energy to every group she addresses. Regardless of the topic whether motivational, inspirational, sometimes humorous or maybe even bringing tears to your eyes; she is always on point. Her presentations share a refreshing approach to life, survival, adversity and success. Gloria often uses her own life experiences and personal growth to share honestly with those who may benefit, and to teach life skills, motivate and to inspire. Her unique ability to blend humor with compassion as she captures the inner-most feelings of women facing life's daily struggles has enabled her to create a unique sense of community for women of all ages. 

A mother of three daughters, she has always been passionate about women's issues and the empowerment of women and girls. After the senseless loss of her youngest daughter, Catrina, that passion intensified and Gloria  became an advocate for domestic violence. She has a heart rendering perspective on this topic that speaks to the awareness, education, prevention and eradication of violence against women. 

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"Genuine, courageous, factual . . ."

"Profoundly moving speaker"

"Dynamic, powerful, wise"

"Confident and calm delivery" 

"Every word she spoke had an impact on me because every single word gave purpose

to the next word as she spoke of domestic violence."

"Shares a piece of her heart to improve lives."

"It was by far the best informative speech I have ever heard!"

"Outstanding. Her perspective is unique and touching"
"Experienced, knowledgeable, educated, caring, enlightening . . ."

"Her perspective is unique and touching."

"Captivating, she really focuses on her audience."

"Wow! outstanding and impactful speech. I almost cried."​​