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Nominate a Woman at the Top of the Game

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A Tribute to Women at the Top of the GameSM

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 March, 2020 

To date, more than one hundred women in far-ranging endeavors at the top of their game who collectively manage and control billions of dollars and provide leadership to tens of thousands have received this prestigious honor. The Tribute was created in 1995 to honor women of color at the top of ​their game who take charge, and set exemplary examples of achievement for girls to emulate by displaying an uplifting spirit, excellence in their personal and professional growth, and dedication to our communities.

What began as a vehicle to honor women of color in sports expanded to embrace the cause of domestic violence awareness, prevention and eradication through education, and also expanded its honoree reach to include: government officials, educators, CEO's, presidents and senior level corporate executives with global reach, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, women's advocates, airline pilots, architects, philanthropists, psychologists, award winning artists and best selling authors.

Do you know of a woman at the top of her game? Nominate her for consideration of a 2020 honor on the form below. Biographical sketch and anything else you want us to know that may propel her from nominee to honoree may be written in the comments section. You may also email information to: Please include your name and contact information. Further details will follow as plans progress.  



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